Why Choose Us?

 Guided by sound, research-based ways of helping people, we offer hope and help in a confidential and safe place. Our promise to you is to provide counselling and assessment in a nonjudgmental atmosphere, within the context of expertise and integrity. 


For those of us who strive to become all they can be, becoming aware that hope exists can fuel clarity and focus.


Hope can run low when people and communities hurt. A lack of meaning and sense that one is alone with their challanges becomes amplified when relationships breakdown or hard times hit.


To do life, there are two things that are important. Firstly, you have to want to change and secondly, you need to become aware of your personal strengths and challanges in order to bounce back after a setback.  Both of these things are rooted in becoming centred on hope. And we are committed to helping you become this.


Becoming centred on hope means three things at Dr. Cheryl Noble and Associates; helping people work towards positive change, helping relationships heal, and helping people to live well within their community. 


We are available

We are available to see new and current clients via online therapy
during the COVID-19 situation.

If you are a new or existing client, please  email us at info@drcnoble.com.